I’m Roshanda ‘The Rosho’ Pratt –a storyteller strategist, live stream expert, speaker, and television news producer of more than a decade. I equip influencers, media personalities, and organizations with the tools to tap into the power of their story, amplify their voice, and monetize their story online.

I’m on a mission to empower and release an army of messengers who not just tell their stories, but show up and impact the world.


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With over 80% of the population watching mobile video, live streaming is the connector between you and your ideal client. Learn how to connect to your viewers and engage them in a way that causes them to stick around, share your broadcast & become your paying client!


You’ve got a story, of course you do! But do you have an audience?
This is a Facebook community for purpose-driven influencers, entrepreneurs, and online rock stars who understand the power of their voice and story. If you desire to tell your story and can no longer remain silent, come learn, share, and grow. 

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