3 ways to overcome fear so you do more video.

3 ways to overcome fear so you do more video.

Your client really wants to see you. The world of connecting and engaging changed with social media and now live- streaming services, like Periscope, can bring you even closer to your client. I am excited and nervous about the possibilities and future of periscope. From a journalist standpoint, it allows for another perspective of storytelling. The recent floods in South Carolina proved this well. In my community as I watched on air, I also noticed a few reporters utilizing periscope for a behind the scenes report of the dangerous conditions. At one time it was nearly impossible for that human connection unless you actually had a TV deal. Periscope is a game changer. No, really the connection and engagement really puts you in front and center. Because of this you can no longer avoid it. I know the thought of being the center of attention frightens people. But what are you really scared of? Why does the thought of going LIVE cause some much anxiety? Could it be you do not understand the power of your own voice. You’ve known for a while you should do more video marketing but you are gripped with fear and use excuses on how you can’t get it done. My friends, it starts with baby steps. But if you are waiting for fear to disappear it just doesn’t work. Sure there are a few fundamentals to video. But if you want all things to be perfect before you start you are missing a vital opportunity to launch before you are ready. Just like being an entrepreneur you have to put yourself out there.

Here are a few Scopealicious tips to shine on camera

1. Decide what you will talk about:
While there are a few people talking about what’s in their fridge there are others making some serious revenue sharing their knowledge. What are you good at? What do people always ask you about? What problem can you solve

Check out what others are doing on Periscope or any other live streaming tool. Watch how they connect with their audience, how they communicate their subject matter and utilize live streaming to build their brand. We can learn a lot by watching what others do. We can learn what to do and what not to do.

3. Practice makes perfect:
Perfectionism is dead. Instead strive to be better daily. If you are overly concerned with how you look in front of the camera practice on your smartphone or mirror. Feel weird talking to yourself while on Periscope? Prop up a mirror to take away the awkward feeling.

Get ready to shine. If you are on Periscope let me know your handle and follow me @roshandapratt.

“See” You Soon
The Rosho